Oriveden Kampus

Oriveden Kampus (Orivesi Campus) is a cultural hub situated in the small town of Orivesi in the middle of Finland – about 215 km from Helsinki and 45 km from Tampere.

Oriveden Kampus was founded on the grounds of the former Oriveden Opisto. Oriveden Opisto operated for over 100 years, the majority of which it was known as a prominent center of voluntary cultural activity and artistic education in Finland.

When the activities of Oriveden Opisto were moved elsewhere, active friends of culture founded the cooperative Kulttuuriosuuskunta Pro Orivesi (Cultural Cooperative Pro Orivesi). Its purpose is to re-establish and maintain high quality cultural activities and create new life on campus.

The campus consists of five buildings, which are situated in the middle of the Orivesi city. The handsome buildings are surrounded by a large green park with a pond.

Oriveden Kampus is owned and run by Kulttuuriosuuskunta Pro Orivesi,  which organizes its activities and rents out parts of its premises.

There are about 9 000 square meters of space in different buildings altogether. They are fit for courses, concerts, meetings, festivals, private parties, artistic activities, small enterprises etc. There are accommodation possibilities and restaurant services on the premises.

For more information, please contact

Oriveden Kampus

Kulttuuriosuuskunta Pro Orivesi

Street and mail address: Koulutie 5, 35300 Orivesi, Finland

Email: info(at)orivedenkampus.fi

Phone: +358 45 263 7673

Web page: www.orivedenkampus.fi

Facebook: Kulttuuriosuuskunta Pro Orivesi